ZigBee WallSwitch – DIY | ED2004-012 | Panda 1


The Panda 1 enables you to simply add automation capabilities to your home. The device is designed to have very low standby power consumption. This can reduce the overall energy consumption of your Home automation installation significantly.

Below, you can see a sample installation wiring diagram:

Technical data

Parameter Value
Power supply 230V AC
Switching capability up to 150W (resistive)
Active energy consumption 0.15~0.35W
Standby energy consumption <0.08W
CPU CC2530
Wireless technology ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4
Safety On-Board Fuse for powersupply


The Panda 1 starts with the pairing process after the first powerup. The Panda1 will then join an existing network if possible. You can reset the pairing state and start the pairing process by pressing the appropriate pairing button at the top side of the Panda 1.

Software support

The Panda 1 is fully compliant with Zigbee2MQTT Project and therefore also with the HomeAssistant and OpenHab project. Basically with everything which can connect to a MQTT environment.

Comparison between similar product

There are also products on the market which have simmilar functionalities but use WiFi instead of ZigBee as communication technology. These modules often consume much more energy. Below you can find a comparison between such a WiFi module.

Project information
Date: 04.2020
Progress: testing
Current rev.: A
PCB: ED2004-012-A

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