Zigbee Touch Key – DIY | ED2011-014 | Touch4


The Touch4 enables you to simply add automation capabilities to your home. The device adds four touch keys to your environment. You can assign various functions to each of the touch keys

Technical data

Power supplyCR2032 Battery
Battery lifetimeup to 3 Years (depends heavily on the usage)
DimensionsPCB: 65 x 65mm 
Wireless technologyZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4


The Touch4 starts with the pairing process after the first powerup. The Touch4 will then join an existing network if possible. You can reset the pairing state and start the pairing process by pressing the appropriate pairing button at the top side of the Touch4.

Software support

The Touch4 fully compliant with Zigbee2MQTT Project and therefore also with the HomeAssistant and OpenHab project. Basically with everything that can connect to an MQTT environment.

Possible 3D-Printed enclosure

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