3. November 2020 | claudio | ~3min

A13-SOM ED1912-011-A

Work in Progress – coming soon


For a few years now, there is a constantly growing market for small-sized single board computers like the RaspberryPi, beagle bone black, banana Pi and so on. They find often a place when an increased amount of computing power is needed. Since the community has grown and the market volume has increased, the prices have decreased significantly.

3. November 2020 | claudio | ~2min

ZigBee WallSwitch | Panda 1


The Panda 1 enables you to simply add automation capabilities to your home. The device is designed to have very low standby power consumption. This can reduce the overall energy consumption of your Home automation installation significantly.

1. November 2020 | claudio | ~2min

Enable automatic stress

A few days ago I have bought a Huawei Magic watch. After the arrival of the watch, I have started to test all of the functions which the watch offers. I have quickly noticed, that the stress test always shows „enable automatic stress test“. After some googling around I found out, that this feature must be enabled inside of the app. After opening the Huawei Health app I didn’t found any related setting which could enable this feature.

31. October 2020 | claudio | ~1min

Baikal caldav Server mit iOS

Wer den baikal CalDav Server zusammen mit iOS verwenden möchte der wird vielleicht bemerken, dass dies nicht optimal funktioniert. Bei mir wurde der Kalender nicht korrekt erkannt und auch nicht synchronisiert. Grund dafür ist, dass ein paar Weiterleitungen seitens von Apache gefehlt haben.

31. October 2020 | claudio | ~3min

Combining rootfs, u-boot and kernel into one image

If you build linux by your self for your own board of even for an other board then you often get three different files.

  • U-Boot Bootloader
  • Linux Kernel (zImage, uImage)
  • rootfs (debian, ubuntu etc.)

Usually you get some advice how to format your SD-Card properly and copy your files onto them. But normally it is more convenient to have only one single image file which you can flash onto your card using some 3rd party tool like balena etcher.