Monthly Archives: Juli 2019

26 Jul

How to add a custom attribute to your Z-Stack application

By claudio 26 Jul 2019

Have you ever got in touch with ZigBee products? Now they are everywhere. You find them as small sensors in buildings or as wall switches where you don’t want to install cables into the wall. ZigBee is a quite versatile wireless protocol. It is based upon IEEE 802.15.4. The ZigBee Aliance has descibed several different

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25 Jul

How to build your own Embedded-System Part 2

By claudio 25 Jul 2019

In this part we will take a look at the big picture of our system. So what is a big picture in terms of a embedded system? Right! A block diagram We can see, that our system will be a bit rudimentary and has lack of many, today often seen features like HDMI, CSI, USB

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24 Jul

How to build your own Embedded-System from scratch? Part 1

By claudio 24 Jul 2019

Hi there. Have you ever thought on making your own embedded board with a running linux on it? If you were able to answer this question with yes, then this blog post series could be potentially of interest for you. In this series i will show you how i made my own custom board. Beginning

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